Cyber Canvas Website Builder

Turn your dream site into reality:

Small Business

Create a professional showcase for your services, including live chat and contact forms.

Sell Online

Add a searchable catalogue of products and take credit card payments in an ecommerce store.


Show off your creativity with image galleries, sliders, music players and videos.


Publish engaging blog posts illustrated with beautiful imagery.


Automate your booking system: users can book appointments or tickets using an online calendar.

Small Business
Sell Online

Quick start

Just enter a few basic details, and we’ll create a basic template for you. You can then add further content and subpages, and choose from an endless number of design options.

Looks great on phones

By using the modern Bootstrap framework, your site will work equally well on phones, tablets and desktops. We use the latest versions of PHP, as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to help you make fast, mobile-friendly experiences.

No coding: just click!

Make a professional website in minutes using our simple tools. It’s all done in your web browser. There’s no need to do any coding, but if you want to add custom code, you can.

Create beautiful, unique visuals

You can upload your own media or chose from over 500,000 free professional photos included for free. It has its own image editor so you can tweak pictures to perfection, on-site.

Great for SEO

Whichever template you choose, you can improve your search engine rankings with integrated SEO-friendly URLs, simple Google integration and XML Sitemap support, custom meta tags and more.

Packed with features

Whatever your project, the Cyber Canvas  Website Builder has a solution. No-code creation is just a few clicks away

Build Features
Full Design Toolkit
Quick-add Modules

Just start creating

Even a beginner can design a slick site for free. It’s easy to get online in moments:

You can always refine things further: add new modules for contacts, ecommerce, images, video and much more. It’s all supported by video guides, as well as our 24x7x365 Support Team.

How to use the Cyber Canvas Website Builder

Even a beginner can create a slick website for free. It’s easy to get online in moments:

Buy Cyber Canvas Web Hosting

Log in and activate your Website Builder to get started.

Enter your key information

Include the essential information about you or your business. Choose a theme and add some images from our library or use your own.

Publish your brand new website

You've now got a shiny new site for anyone to visit!

You can always refine your website further: add new modules for contact, ecommerce, images, video and much more. The Builder is supported by video guides, as well as our 24x7x365 Support Team.

Our beginner-friendly Website Builder is free with all web hosting plans, starting at k150


Should I use your Builder or hire a web designer for my new website?
If you want full ownership of your website – with the responsibility that entails – then we’d recommend using our Builder to create your site. It’s perfect for small businesses, side hustles and personal sites.

You can create an attractive, modern website in minutes. But if you want to add lots of content right away, you’ll need to set some time aside to do this. Plus you’d have to commit to updating your site in the future.

If you’re busy and can afford a professional web designer then it may be worth going down that route.
Can I create a website without knowing how to code?
Yes, it’s simple and intuitive. If you know the basics of something like setting up a social media profile, then creating a website will be a cinch. It’s an easy ‘what you see is what you get’ user interface. You don’t even have to ‘drag and drop’: just choose the module, click, and it appears on the site. Then move your mouse over the area you want to update and start editing.

If you have specialist needs, you’re still able to insert custom code – but there’s no need for any programming.
How will it look on mobile?

It will look fantastic! We use a responsive framework that will adapt your site automatically to phones and tablets. So there’s no need to make a separate mobile site.

What about social media?

You can include button links to your social accounts and add an Instagram feed. You can encourage people to share your content easily with buttons.

I want my users to be safe: is it secure?

Whether you use our Builder or not, you’ll get the same enterprise-level security features available to all 20i customers. This includes a free SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, malware scans, a web application firewall, DDoS protection and more. For more information, please see our secure hosting page.